Belgrade Zoo

Years ago I bought a book from Frans Lanting called Eye to Eye. The book presents an extraordinary collection of animal images, most of them looking straight at you. Very powerful indeed.

I wanted to shoot something similar without breaking my bank so I went to a zoo. Usually it is very difficult to shoot good pictures at the zoo because the animals are sleeping, bored, or just hiding from the crowd. Not in Belgrade, tho.

  • Date

    May 2020

  • Camera & Lens

    Canon 5D Mark I
    Canon EF 50mm f1.8

About the Project

When I travel light I only bring one camera and one lens with me (an old Canon 5D with the Nifty Fifty in this case). It helps me focusing on the scene and it doesn't distract me with unnecessary weight.

I really like the result but they are very different from the wild animals captured by Frans Lanting. You can feel the nature majesty, but also the pain of being locked up in a small cage.

It was the last time I visited a zoo.